Tools to help you save fuel, decrease emissions and reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle.

Monthly Trip Calendar
Check your monthly calendar to pick a trip for closer review.
Fuel Economy & Eco-Driving Graphs
Just how bad was that traffic jam? The speed profile of your trip reveals a lot.
Trip Maps
Looking at your trip maps is interesting and may give you ideas for alternative routes.
Chart of your car’s speed ‘Sweet Spot’
All cars get lower fuel economy at very high speeds and at low speeds. What’s your car’s speed sweet spot?
Vehicle Locator & GPS
Can’t remember where you parked? The app has the street address on the “Last Trip” screen.
CarPrint Leaderboard
Play solo or compete with other players in the monthly eco-driving competition.

Where did I park?

Can't remember where you parked?

Finding your car is as easy as looking at your last CarPrint trip.

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Start protecting the planet one trip at a time.

Save $100 to $300 per year on fuel.

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The goal is to beat your vehicle’s fuel economy ratings, which you do by eco-driving.

Eco-driving is easy to learn and you may already use some eco-driving tactics. Here are a few examples.

Plan Ahead
Use a traffic app like Waze to avoid congested routes and adjust your travel times when possible.
Reduce Weight
Don’t use your trunk as an extra closet! Additional weight makes your engine work harder.
Minimize Idling
Whenever you idle, your MPG is zero. Avoid long lines at the drive thru by parking and going inside.
Slow Down
Slow down a little! Vehicles differ, but MPG declines sharply for most cars when they go above 65 MPH.

How It Works

The app helps you reduce emissions and save money.

CarPrint works with your car’s OBD port and your mobile device.

Purchase an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) reader, plug it into your car’s OBD port, pair it with the CarPrint app, and off you go.

The two-inch Bluetooth reader transmits engine data to your phone or tablet, which uploads it to our website where you can see your trip maps and stats.

*OBD (On-board diagnostics)

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Available for iOS and Android!

CarPrint is available for Android phones and tablets and for the iPhone and iPad.

The U.S. price of our favorite OBD reader on Amazon is currently $10 for Android and $35 for iOS. In Britain, the price is £11 for Android and £23 for iOS.

Get your OBD Scanner and start playing CarPrint as soon as you can.

Get Started NowThe OBD reader can also be used with vehicle performance apps like OBD Fusion, Torque, and many more. CarPrint relies on the same OBD technology, but CarPrint’s green driving focus is very different from anything else.

How You Benefit


Americans drive an average of 280 hours per year – that’s a lot of time in the car.

The CarPrint app takes the boredom out of driving and makes driving interesting.

The objective is to beat your vehicle's fuel economy ratings on as many trips as possible. You know... the city and highway fuel economy ratings that your vehicle manufacturer says are feasible.

How the planet benefits

CarPrint Helps Protect Our Planet One Trip at a Time.

An average passenger car driver adds FIVE TONS of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere each year.

By eco-driving, you can travel just as far on much less fuel. You save money while you help protect the environment.

The more relaxed driving style is good for your heart and your planet.

Volkswagen, Toyota, General Motors. Take your pick. Car companies have been in the news for overstating fuel economy ratings. CarPrint data on real world fuel economy will help us hold car companies accountable.