Results of Moto2 Race Portugal 2022 Series: Colored by 9 Riders Incident, Joe Roberts Wins Champion

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    Carprint News Portugal’s frequent Moto2 races run very tight. Cameron Beaubier led the race in the early laps, followed by Aron Canet, who then managed to overtake Cameron sometime later.

    While Asian racer Somkiat Chantra occupies the third position.

    Aron Canet looked very competitive from the start. Until lap 3, he was still playing his wheels very well in the very front position.

    On the other hand, the racer behind him is still patiently waiting for the opportunity. The two leading drivers began to keep their distance from the other racers.

    Meanwhile, Somkiat, sentenced to Long Lap, was forced to step back from his position and chased by other racers. He also automatically had to fight from the eighth position.

    Lap 4 was colored by the incident that happened to Marcos Ramirez. He went off the track and had to give up not getting points.

    Entering lap 6, the two leading positions still haven’t changed. After Somkiatm other Asian racers who are not less competitive, Ai Ogura took the role in the third position. He was still trying his best to chase the distance with the leading position.

    While in the fourth position, there is Augusto Fernandez, who is still having trouble chasing Ogura.

    The serious incident occurred on lap 9 of turn 2. Many of the leading racers fell until a Red Flag appeared. Automatically the race is stopped. One gas motor caught fire.

    Fortunately, none of the drivers were declared to need special treatment due to the incident. In total, there were 12 drivers involved in the accident.

    The team then has to prepare the bike that the racers will use again before they restart the race. Under these conditions, anyone can take advantage of this opportunity.

    After Restart

    The lap restarted, and only 7 laps left. This time another racer fell. Jake Dixon fell again. It’s still just continued, though.

    Racing changed completely. The primary leadership is Joe Roberts, Marcel Schrotter, and Jorge Navarro.

    Towards the last 4 laps, Nicolo Antonelli’s turn to fall. The race now leaves only 15 drivers.

    Joe Roberts shot far forward and kept a great distance from the riders behind him.

    While the standings leader, Celestino Vietti, still has strong potential to maintain his points because he stays in the fourth position.

    On the last lap, the position did not change. Finally, Joe Roberts won the MotoGP 2022 series in Portugal with 12 minutes 09.757 seconds, followed by Celestino Vietti’s second podium and Jorge Navarro’s third.

    Results of Moto2 Race Portugal 2022 Series
    Photos : Moto2 Race Portugal 2022 Series Carprint News

    Race Results

    1. Joe Roberts – Italtrans Racing
    2. Celestino Vietti – Mooney VR46 Racing Team
    3. Jorge Navarro – Flexbox HP40
    4. Marcel Schrotter – Liqui Moly Intact GP
    5. Manuel Gonzalez – Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Team
    6. Fermin Aldeguer – Speed ​​Up Racing
    7. Jeremy Alcoba – Liqui Moly Intact GP
    8. Bo Bendsneyder – Pertamina Mandalika SAG Team
    9. Barry Baltus – RW Racing GP
    10. Gabriel Rodrigo – Pertamina Mandalika SAG Team
    11. Romano Fenati – Speed ​​Up Racing
    12. Keminth Kubo – Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Team
    13. Sean Dylan Kelly – American Racing
    14. Filip Salac – Gresini Racing
    15. Alessandro Zaccone – Gresini Racing

    Failed to finish:

    • Niccolo Antonelli – Mooney VR46 Racing Team
    • Jake Dixon – GASGAS Aspar Team
    • Lorenzo dalla Porta – Italtrans Racing
    • Aron Canet – Flexbox HP40
    • Cameron Beaubier – American Racing
    • Tony Arbolino – Elf Marc VDS Racing
    • Augusto Fernandez – Red Bull KTM Ajo
    • Sam Lowes – Elf Marc VDS Racing
    • Ai Ogura – Idemitsu Honda Team Asia
    • Somkiat Chantra – Idemitsu Honda Team Asia
    • Albert Arenas – GASGAS Aspar Team
    • Marcos Ramirez – MV Agusta Forward Racing
    • Zonta van den Goorbergh – RW Racing GP
    • Pedro Acosta – Red Bull KTM Ajo
    • Simone Corsi – MV Agusta Forward Racing

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